Thank you, Danger!

Hand made by my friend Amity

From Michelle

Made by Katie, one of the few people who were able to meet Elora

Made by Val

Lili pickedout this kitty for Elora, and made the bracelet around it's neck

Flowers from several people

A picture of the kids in a frame they made for her to put in her isolette,
but she died before it was done so we buried her with it
All five of the kids have their own copy, in a matching frame

Made by Alicia, from the ladies of Harmony Rewards

From Elaina

From Aaron's father
The base is engraved with the words
'In Loving Memory of Elora Jade Tate'

Embroidered throw blanket from my August '01 Ladies

Ring, also from the August '01 Ladies
The outside says 'Until we meet again'
And the inside is engraved with both Elora's & Raime's names

Made by Samantha

Lili & Mia already had these bracelets, and Jenifer made Elora one to match

Jenifer made me these angel earrings with Elora's birthstone

From Tammi

From Rita

Tiny Bracelet

Bracelet compared to Aaron's wedding band that is on Elora's wrist in pictures

Flowers from Amity, sent on Elora's due date October 10th